SkylineSoft’s SkylineGlobe launches, competes with Google Earth

Skyline Software Systems has now publicly launched its virtual globe, SkylineGlobe, using their TerraExplorer viewer. From an email sent around by SkylineSoft’s Ron Ledany: is our free public website, featuring [an] interactive portal with high resolution imagery in the US. Within the next few months I will add most of Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and Israel (of course) in high resolution as well.

Although SkylineGlobe looks much like Google Earth, we have stronger streaming technology and fusion capabilities with Oracle and ArcSDE databases, ability to display ‘Live Terrain’ feeds and more…

I am also proud to announce that we already have a dozen integrators that develop applications using our 3D solution…


TerraExplorer is a 7.4MB download for Windows. Skyline Software Systems, of course, is the company currently in a patentinfringement tiff with Google over 3D rendering technologies.

5 thoughts on “SkylineSoft’s SkylineGlobe launches, competes with Google Earth”

  1. Wow, their site requires IE, I couldn’t see the ‘I Agree’ button in Firefox. Totally uncool. Now I’m just filling in time while it downloads.

  2. wow that thing is slow! maybe I chose a bad time to test it but first of all had to use IE for the whole thing and then it took forever to load up what seemed like the same imagery as Google Earth uses for most of the US :(

    Will look again when they add europe!

  3. Hmmm, so I don’t even ask if they plan to release it under Linux since they even don’t treat seriously non-IE users…

  4. I have a fair bit of experience with Skyline. Like the Current Edition of NASA worldwind .. TerraExplorer is completely built on DirectX and Microsoft Technology. I don’t think a port is coming in the near future.

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