Short news: Row, row, row your Google Earth; NASA’s new NEO

It’s been busy at work, and during the next week I will be in Taipei, so pardon the haphazard posting frequency, the abbreviated style below… and expect things to get worse around here before they back to normal. Meanwhile:

3 thoughts on “Short news: Row, row, row your Google Earth; NASA’s new NEO”

  1. Actually.. I had NEO Imagery in World Wind a few months ago. But we have learned that how they generate the images doesn’t work well. They are unique URLs, not static ones.

    The KMLs they produce also suffer the same fate and you have to re-download if you want updates.

  2. Regarding the KMLs in NEO, I thought they were good because they do not rely upon dynamic URLs that must be refreshed each time the KML is opened. Instead, the image is included in the KMZ file, and since it is a historic image there is no need to refresh it every time.

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