Short news: New US election layers; PR, Tenerife style

  • Frank at Google Earth Blog has been on top of the latest iteration of the US election layers in Google Earth, and now also the Washington Post IT blog covers it, exploring it in detail. But why is this IT news to the Post (and to most others covering it)? It should be political news, primarily, aimed at non-techies who would never think of looking at Google Earth to find their electoral district and candidates.
  • This article is so wrong on so many levels that we have to hope it’s because of a shoddy reporter, not a mendacious PR person. It begins “A local Canary [Islands] company is one of the first in the world to team up with Google Earth and create a property search engine, …” and it gets worse from there.

3 thoughts on “Short news: New US election layers; PR, Tenerife style”

  1. It’s nice that Google now has an election map layer. However, I think it’s a convenience, so it doesn’t much matter where the notice appears.

    I don’t know how it’s handled in your country, but when we register to vote, we receive a registration card *telling* us the local and national districts we’re in. Maps of the districts are also readily available on govenment websites.

    Finally, since the maps are filtered through a third party (Google), they’re not guaranteed official. But I freely admit that having Google handle the mapping officially would be better and probably cheaper. :)

  2. The Canary Islands story looks like both shoddy reporting and a lame press release (speaking as a PR person).

  3. Could you please comment on why the article is “wrong”? I read through it and found nothing particular.

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