Short news: KML timestamp support for iPhotoToGoogleEarth, NASA World Wind

  • iPhoto export plugin iPhotoToGoogleEarth is up to version 1.02, adding altitude data (in case you’re flying) and, yes, timestamps. If the time was in the EXIF data, it’ll now be in Google Earth — couldn’t be easier.
  • The Earth is Square lists what’s new in the soon-to-be-released NASA World Wind 1.4 beta. Impressively quickly, it sounds like KML Importer will gain timestamp support, while WMS support gets an upgrade. NWW also seems to be working on making itself prettier, with animated 3D clouds, 3D lighting and atmospheric scattering effects promised.
  • Roo Reynolds over at Eightbar makes progress on a SketchUp => Second Life converter.
  • GeoServer is up to version 1.3.4, which includes “more robust” KML output.
  • is a US website dedicated to ending a form of mining that strips the tops off mountains. They’ve now made a virtual “National Memorial for the Mountains” pinpointing all missing mountains that exists only in Google Maps and Earth:-) (Via this Flickr post)

2 thoughts on “Short news: KML timestamp support for iPhotoToGoogleEarth, NASA World Wind”

  1. Some of those tools might help to figure out this Google Earth find:

    Mystery landscape in China

    That’s the place in the Chinese desert where a military facility has a giant (900 by 700 meter) scale-model replica of the part of India they have occupied since 1962. Nobody can figure out why they built the duplicate, though.

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