Short news: Hidden Google Maps support in iPhoto?

  • Interesting: Craig Stanton pointed me in the direction of this find: a post on a MactelChat bulletin board, “iPhoto 6.0.5 shows evidence of Google collaboration“. It could be an unauthorized easter egg, but there appears to be a hidden button that links EXIF in iPhoto to a view in Google Maps.
  • Bizarro reporting by Turkish news source Zaman:

    While a middle-aged man was sunbathing on his balcony, he was caught by one of the Google Earth users. A photograph taken by the user was published on the Internet. After a while, photos of women that were taken secretly were published on the Google Earth Forum. A Dutch woman was sunbathing on the roof of her house in the Hague. Photos of many people, taken secretly, began to be published on the Internet.

    Yep, that’s definitely how Google Earth works — when we fly around the globe at home, an actual satellite obeys our every whim, live.

  • A web-based resource for geoscience visualizations by the Science Education Resource Center at Minnesota’s Carleton College gives a good overview of Google Earth and its many uses in geoscience for visualizing data.
  • Rich Gibson, co-author of Mapping Hacks (published by O’Reilly) is not happy about having gotten a “take-down letter” from Google regarding some code available online that he wrote that let you download Google Maps tiles.