Iran throttles internet access to 128kbps

As Boing Boing reported yesterday, and the Guardian confirms today, the Iranian government has instructed ISPs to limit the bandwidth of internet accounts to 128kbps. The aim: To curb a western “cultural invasion”. Yesterday’s decree follows a crackdown on satellite antennas over the past month.

You have to give those hardliners points for trying. Anything that is bandwidth intensive will now be spectacularly frustrating to do — including using Google Earth.

But if the conservatives’ intention is that Iranians will now merely stop downloading music, movies or imagery, then they’ve got something else coming. Throttling access to the internet by decree is, well, cultural waterboarding. It makes its victims very very angry. And as the Guardian reports, all the signs are that this latest decree is incredibly unpopular.

One thought on “Iran throttles internet access to 128kbps”

  1. Holding back the tide. At 128 Kbps GE is still very useable. Thats all we have in Lao in any case and even thats only for the super rich. With bit torrent even a GPRS connection is enough for downloads of western pap!

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