Short news: Real Time Rome, libferris, OZ-ABC-2-KML

  • Real Time Rome is MIT SENSEable City Lab‘s contribution to the 2006 Venice Biennale, and is due to launch in a few days. It looks very very cool, and Google is listed as a partner, though it’s not clear yet how or if Google Earth will be used as the client. Information Week has an article about the project. (And I wish I had more time for this and less for apartment hunting.)
  • Linux users: Geotag your photos with Google Earth and libferris, “virtual filesystem with index and search capabilities that allows you to geotag files.” Here’s how, on
  • Okay, a little bird told me that CBS news wasn’t necessarily first to publish its news as KML. Australia’s ABC News has also had its stories georeferenced on Earth and Maps, albeit experimentally and without publicizing it. While we’re on the topic, however, remember that third-party efforts had the BBC news georeferenced over a year ago
  • World Wind Classroom is a website dedicated to, well, using NASA World Wind in the classroom. (Via The Earth is Square)
  • Brian Timoney has an interesting story from the GIS trenches, which he’s posted as a comment on All Points Blog. It begins:

    While it certainly would be in my best interest for GE to be ‘the next cool thing’ in IT, my sense is that it’s not going to happen anytime soon given the current licensing for its use in professional environments.