Short news: Flickr heat map for GE

  • What a great resource: A KML choropleth map (I can pretend I knew what that is, but in fact I had to look it up) of Flickr photos as a network link. Click on a square and it takes you straight to the relevant Flickr map. Now you can have your Flickr photos and Google Earth too. How did this manage to live in the wilderness without bloglove for over two whole weeks? (Via The Map Room)
  • It’s good to have validation of Google Earth’s Greenland imagery every so often. (Via The Other Here)
  • Geocoding database Geonames gets a JAVA API. It’s open source, and on SourceForge. (Via Geospatial Semantic Weblog)
  • TYRE Lets you copy waypoints from Google Earth to your TomTom.
  • EPoint2GE converts coordinate data in Excel into KML using VBA. (For PC)
  • Ashley Joyce’s Google Earth animator promises to “dynamically update a 3D model loaded inside Google Earth by using Google Earth Network Link capabilities.” This tool looks like it will be very useful for positioning 3D content just the way you want it. Check out the screenshots in anticipation of the beta.
  • Now you can play Doctor No on the cheap. According to this press release:

    Guardian Solutions today announced and demonstrated the first totally geo-spatial video surveillance system called GView(TM). It incorporates patent-pending technology that upgrades a facility’s digital video recording (DVR) surveillance system to a 3D situation awareness system for rapid threat detection and understanding. As the DVR records video events, GView(TM) isolates and tracks threats (individual, vehicle, vessel …) and displays, through Google Earth(TM), all movements on a 3D site model for a bird’s eye view of all “at risk” assets and video and non-video sensors.