ObsRSS anybody?

Since I’m not much use at the moment, I thought I’d let Jeremy write this post:

This is Jeremy Cothran again, the sensor web developer you posted earlier (Thanks!) in the following articles:

Try this sensor web for size
Got sensor web? Put it in Google Earth

I’ve been thinking more about georss and trying to develop some additional other ad hoc community xml rss tags around this to support a basic ObsRSS (observations rss) type xml format for latest platform observations that ideally might help developers like myself in spending less time on the data input end of things. The community I’m involved in is focused on some heavyweight SOAP web services query solutions and while these will be necessary at some point probably more for archival requests, a simpler rss publication model would help towards driving us a long way using much less time and resources where latest data sharing is of most interest.

I’ve posted a straw man document and thoughts. [See also this Google Earth Community post]

Be curious to know what you think. Thanks again for the blog – I read it and gearthblog.com every other day to keep up with all the exciting new developments. Good luck with the apartment hunt :)



Every other day? Unfortunately I’m in no position to think right now, but since Jeremy is already doing the posting, perhaps Ogle Earth visitors can do the commenting while I catch up on some reading?