Google Earth COM API for PC now documented (Beta)

Indeed, this is important enough to mod up from the comments:

On September 26, the component object model (COM) application programming interface (API) for Google Earth 4 Beta for PC was given public documentation by its developers. Here it is. And here is the announcement on Google Earth Community. Much is made by the developers of the fact that this is a Beta release of the API, that there is no official support, that it could change at any moment, etc… Still, great news.

First impression: The vocabulary is much more extensive than the equivalent in AppleScript: Here’s hoping these can be made sufficiently functionally equivalent so that future helper applications can be ported with relative ease between operating systems. And I’m curious — is there an API waiting in the wings for the Linux version of Google Earth?

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  1. Absolutely GE4 for Linux does not use wine in any way in opposite to picasa ‘port’ done by the same person: Ryan C. Gordon aka ‘icullus’, very adequate person and widely known among linux gamers :)

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