Who’s worthierest?

The Earth is Square is upset that the Google Earth team gets recognition for its efforts in the wake of Hurrican Katrina. World Wind did it better, he argues. I can’t comment on the relative merits of the World Wind community’s efforts, as I wasn’t aware of them. Clearly, most rescue professionals in the field ended up using Google Earth’s solution at the time — maybe TEiS can explain why that is beyond alluding to better marketing on the part of Google — at that time, the popularity of Google Earth was due overwhelmingly to word of mouth. Is it Google Earth’s ease of use? Is it because Google’s servers could handle the extreme load?

2 thoughts on “Who’s worthierest?”

  1. Ok dont want to start a war here but I’ve posted my reasons why I agree with the earth is square on my blog, I’ll try and get more information on who used the WW/telascience data, remember a lot of government agencies do not use GE, but they don’t tend to advertise whih products they do use. I am just unhappy that google are profiting from Katrina with free PR, when the other people who did the same get no recognition.

  2. I have more on GE vs. WW on my blog, with a reminder to anyone building or supporting an app that streams earth and/or terrain over the internet that there is an actual threat to worry about.

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