Short news: Secret sub tunnel; patent warning; Jeremy Bartley

  • Okay, so another Chinese submarine tunnel has been identified, this time by, but is it really so hard for them to give us a placemark so we can go look for ourselves? It took all of 10 seconds scouring the high resolution areas of Hainan before it popped out at me. Anyways, I’ve posted the placemark to Google Earth Community (entire post). (Here is another submarine tunnel, blogged back in February.) (Via Intelligence Watch)
  • If for whatever reason you do not already have Avi Bar-Ze’ev’s feed in your reader, he’s got another post on the Skyline patent suit that’s well worth reading. [Update 2006-08-09: The Earth is Square retorts.
  • It’s official — Mapdex‘s Jeremy Bartley is leaving the Kansas Geological Survey to join ESRI’s core ArcGIS Server team. Congrats. I sincerely hope Mapdex doesn’t go a way as a result.

2 thoughts on “Short news: Secret sub tunnel; patent warning; Jeremy Bartley”

  1. Thanks Stefan. Mapdex will continue to be supported by the Kansas Geological Survey. Actually things are really looking up for Mapdex. There are actually some funding opportunites on the horizon!



  2. Do you realise there is a chinese missile submarine in dock either being repaired or built at 36.1109º 120.584º



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