Short news: KML for the tricorder; 3D camera

  • Ah, I get it. Google announces the ability to add KML data to your tricorder flip-top cell phone at a Star Trek convention. Google Maps Mania has the details.
  • Digital Urban Environments has yet another clever idea, well implemented. Take a paper cutout model of a skyscraper, scan it, import it into SketchUp, and fold it virtually until you get an actual SketchUp model, textures and all.
  • I missed seeing a demo of the 3D LIDAR camera at Science Foo (so much to choose from, so little time). Apparently, they cost $100,000 a piece at the moment, but that price would plummet if there were mass orders. People who did see the demo came away very impressed, so much so that some felt it was an obvious mass technology of the future.
  • The free and open-source GeoServer v1.4 is out.
  • No SketchUp 3D Base Camp this year for SketchUp users, reports Only a year ago, this was the do that first started the rumors about a Google-SketchUp hookup.
  • GeoRSS Blog addresses the problem of multiple variants of GeoRSS. The upshot: Choose ‘Simple’ or ‘GML’ and stick to it.