Short news: iPhotoToGoogleEarth; Road Sign Math

  • iPhotoToGoogleEarth is out of beta. Writes author Craig Stanton, “No fancy new features just bug fixes that have been pointed out by a few users, like avoiding files which aren’t jpegs, and dealing with ones that have funny characters in their names.”
  • As if out to prove that there is a blog for everything these days, Road Sign Math finds correlations between the numbers on road signs. Now, they also link the posts to the actual locations of the signs with KML.
  • Associated Content latches on to the public’s growing realization that Google Earth makes a first-rate social spying tool, and pens What is Google Earth, and How Can it Be Used to Uncover Military Secrets?
  • Import Cartography has some constructive criticism on Google’s regionator toolbox.
  • If the case of Google Earth’s aging dataset for the Canary Islands still has you in its thrall, Global Voices has a post that samples a wide range of original commentary translated from Spanish. Was it a conspiracy? Nah…
  • Of interest to Belgians: belgeoblog continues to post excellent local content — an overlay of an old map of the completely destroyed “revamped” northern quarter (post in Dutch), and an overlay showing that King Leopold II was not just genocidal, he was also a real estate hog (post in Dutch).