Short news: Google Treks; Bahrain PR

  • Google Earth CTO Michael Jones is manning a reconstruction of Starship Enterprise’s bridge as part of a drive by Google to recruit engineers from among the ranks of Star Trek fans at a convention in Las Vegas, reports AFP. What’s on the Enterprise’s screens? Fittingly, it’s Google Earth.
  • Sneaky: Google calls for feedback from Bahraini users, reports Gulf Daily News. Says a Google spokesman, while trying to stifle a grin at the good fortune of this PR coup:

    We have heard conflicting reports about Google Earth access problems for our users in Bahrain and we are looking into these reports to determine the cause and welcome any input from our users there.

    It’s safe to assume that by now pretty much everyone in Bahrain wants to try this Google Earth thing, whatever it is, to see what the fuss is about.

  • Another virtual globe hits my radar screen: Eingana. Not sure about its chances, as it costs £10 and yet doesn’t have Google Earth’s specs. Short review.

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  1. Interesting…didnt really notice any outages in Bahrain till it was brought up by the media…then it stirred up quite a bit of interest and questions.

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