Science Foo Camp talk examples

I gave a presentation this morning at Science Foo Camp entitled “The rise of the geobrowser – cool uses in science”. A good broadbased discussion ensued, so much so that I didn’t quite make it through all the examples I intended to show off. I did promise to list them here, however, so here are some of the best examples of:

A sensor web: Atlantic buoys

A citizen scientist sensor web: Lightning maps

Science outreach: Gombe chimp blog (new functionality soon)

History of science: Shackleton’s expedition

Science news: Carteret Atoll

Geospatial wiki: Geonames

Georeferenced database: Global volcanism

Server-side analytics: Gulf Impact

Way out-there visualizations and hacks in the service of science:

Avian flu map

Darling-Murray river stream flow data


Tree map

I’ll be flying on Monday, so this blog will continue to see neglect until Tuesday…