Burning Man 2 Google Earth

Burning Man — running from August 28 to September 4, is located a few kilometers north of last year’s edition, in northwest Nevada. This year, a subsite is dedicated to bringing Burning Man to Google Earth — Burning Man Earth.

Currently, the main network link either doesn’t work or isn’t running yet, but already there is some fine content there, such as georeferenced events and SketchUp models. Boing Boing has also been posting a map and GPX data. What I haven’t found to date is a comprehensive map overlay with event data as a network link, so I made one.


I converted the GPX data to KML. I then took this PDF map and coverted its components to transparent overlays, aligned with the GPX data. I then took Burning Man Earth’s events file and wrapped a network link around it. You can download the whole thing here. Wish I was there.

If you want an even wider perspective, check out this post on Google Earth Community.