SketchUp: A question of support

Google SketchUp has revamped its help center, wrote Google employee Bil Eberle a few days ago to the SketchUp Pro forum. As a result, the direct email support link for pro users has been moved to the end of each help center article, to encourage users to first look for solutions to their problems there.

This generates a minor tempest in a teacup in the ensuing thread, because several customers simply cannot find the link for email support, probably because they actually haven’t tried to solve an actual problem by drilling down to an actual help article, as suggested by Bil. But I suspect that the real reason for the snippiness of the pro users is still down to the fact that most of a product they paid for is now free for personal use (minus email support.)

In any case, the direct link to email support is here. You can also use it for feedback, to report a problem, and for “Other”.

Bonus SketchUp resource: SuWiki, a wiki about SketchUp. It’s still being filled in, but the section on Tools is already very useful for those just starting out.