Short news: Shape2Earth manual; ad-free to ad-Fee

  • Shape2Earth, Tim Beerman’s .NET application that converts shapefiles to KML, now has a (draft) manual.
  • Hundreds of Swiss webcams, in Google Maps and on Google Earth.
  • On a decidedly inside-baseball note, have you noticed how James Fee’s blog has been on a roll recently? I think the new design is very clean, the best yet, and he’s had plenty of ESRI exclusives of late — including the ArcGIS Explorer teasers, and then the news that we shouldn’t expect it anytime soon. But I do want to needle him about one thing: In September 2005, in a post entitled Why I hate Advertisers, James wrote:

    I don’t like ads on websites (I block most of them using FireFox anyway) so I’ll never have them here in any capacity.

    I wonder what’s changed? :-) I’m guessing that he’s come round to the conclusion there is nothing wrong with a hobby also being a source of income. BTW, notice that James places his ads at the ends of articles. I’ve found this to be the best spot as well, as it is the moment where you, the reader, wonder what to do next. See?

One thought on “Short news: Shape2Earth manual; ad-free to ad-Fee”

  1. I hate ads and I don’t click on them. There is no change to my feelings on the subject.

    The wife saw how much money it was costing to host the site and she said if I wanted the new MacBook Pro, I’d have to come up with some way of paying for the site.

    I decided that the MacBook Pro was more important than some anti commercial stance (I sold out for a Macintosh). When the MacBook Pro arrives, I’m not sure what I’ll do. The wife does wear the pants in our house. ;)

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