Short news: Popularity contest; GeoWeb 2006; Panoramio

I’m on the road — Paris tomorrow for the Google Earth usability test (as long as nobody tries to attach electrodes to my head they’ll be fine) then off to Belgium for a family visit. But first, some news:

  • Over at the Earth is Square, a commenter points out that NASA World Wind is just short of its ten millionth all-time download. With Google Earth having been downloaded 100 million times just recently, does this mean that Google Earth enjoys 91% market share vs. NWW’s 9%, roughly speaking? Or would it depend rather more on who comes out with the most versions over time, which would require more repeat downloads?
  • I had this ready but Andrew Turner was too quick for me and has already left a link in my comments: High Earth Orbit‘s authoritative list of Mac GPS software.
  • Stefan Lorimer writes up GeoWeb 2006.
  • Panoramio‘s KML feed is new and improved. Writes Eduardo Manchon:

    Now it’s more responsive (it downloads all previews on one shot), prettier (frame around thumbails, bigger images, panoramio’s logo) and more informative (titles on mouse over, name of the location, …). Hope you like it.

And now for something completely different: Press releases.

  • Geometric Software’s eDrawings:

    eDrawings for Google SketchUp provides an innovative way to share your designs. You can publish your SketchUp models to eDrawings files that can be packed into a self-executable (.exe). The self-executable file contains the viewer as well as the design data. [Windows only, obvs.]

  • CarbonTools Pro for .NET (third generation):

    .NET developers can now use the location content they want, wherever (or whoever) it comes from – Google Earth KML, OSGeo MapGuide, Yahoo Maps, […]

  • “Eloquent Systems Improves Global Access to Systems for Museums, Archives and Heritage Societies”:

    The VisualSearch interface is a mash-up that combines geospatial tools such as Google Maps and Google Earth with the rich information described in collections hosted by Eloquent’s clients.

  • RealViz comes to Google Earth (MacWorld, Mac New Network):

    The move means that [Mac] users can display images within Google Earth — including panormas, 3D models, virtual tours and other material created with Stitcher, ImageModeller and VTour.

    The only problem is that neither article, nor the RealViz website, explains how exactly this is meant to happen. How do we add the metadata? Do we get a KML file as a result? Do we get to share it with others? It’s a mystery.

3 thoughts on “Short news: Popularity contest; GeoWeb 2006; Panoramio”

  1. The number I heard last for overall WorldWind downloads was closer to 20 million (at Where 2.0 maybe?) Can anyone confirm?

  2. Yes, I heard the 20 million number for WW from NASA at Where 2.0. The comment Stefan was reading was just from Sourceforge. My guess is this doesn’t include the numbers from NASA’s site.

  3. Note: Google Earth has had more than 100 million _installations_.

    Which is not quite the same as _downloads_.


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