Short news: Pompei, FS Earth 3.0, GE altitude calculations

  • Simple, but very useful: Overlay map of Pompei, circa 79 AD.
  • If you have Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 there is no reason not to try FS Earth, an add-on that shows your flight in Google Earth. Free demo, $13 to keep it, and version 3, just out, has lots of new features.
  • I think this is the geekiest Google Earth post yet: Calculating GE Altitude from GIS Scale, by Matt Priour : Dot Net Without a Net.

One thought on “Short news: Pompei, FS Earth 3.0, GE altitude calculations”

  1. Oh, it’s about to get a whole lot geekier.

    I spent 4.5hrs driving yesterday & thinking about how to replicate dynamic layer display in ArcGIS in GE and visa versa. I did those calculations from a single point. I think there will be some variability is you are closer to the poles.

    There is also an obvious sinusoidal relationship between the real world screen width distance as your orientation changes but altitude remains constant.

    I’m going to pose these questions on the GE Community Forum. I bet some of the geographers, earth scientists, and the GE programmers have already know the answers.

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