Short news: Link list updated, Google Earth and public health

  • I’ve updated the Ogle Earth link page. If you think something’s missing that should be there, do let me know.
  • Fascinating: The Internet and World Health, a blog by a doctor, Andrew Dean, that discusses the internet’s role in public health, has an example of how Google Earth should/could be used in the near future to help with public health surveillance in towns with limited resources. He also throws out an idea for constantly updated content that I’ve never seen mentioned before: Have airlines carry cameras that feed Google Earth’s database.
  • Google Earth Philippines is a website that houses an exhaustive collection of placemarks and 3D content for the Philippines. One KML file in particular is interesting: Mass transit we’d like to see. It’s a clever way to lobby for more public transport and thus better quality of life in Manila. Google Earth Philippines is run by Philippines Makeover, a blog that wants us to “dream up a better Philippines”. Both sites are worth a visit.
  • RoboGEO, a very useful photo georeferencer for PC, is updated to version 4.2. Among the new features, you can now associate any kind of file with a photo, not just audio files.
  • eDrawings has released a free plugin for SketchUp, matter-of-factly called eDrawings for SketchUp, that lets you view your SketchUp creations in 3D inside the browser (using ActiveX, so for Windows only). Release notes, press release, download here.
  • Coincidence? On the same day, MediaMachines makes FLUX open source. What is FLUX? In part, it’s a browser plugin for PC using ActiveX to render 3XD content. No, 3XD isn’t a SketchUp format, but MediaMachines recently released the KML2X3D converter. Press release.
  • Zmarties notices that in addition to the update to Google Earth 4 beta, the preview of Picasa next version (integrated with Google Earth) has a new build number as well.