Short news: Lebanon KML redux; Bay Area usability study

  • If you haven’t done so recently, take another look at the KMZ file of the current Israel-Lebanon war (originally posted on here). It’s kept up with events on both sides of the border, and now comes with folders for individual days. There are also very recent overlays of Getty Images showing Beirut airport and Jiyeh after the air attacks.
  • If you’re a regular Google Earth user and will be in the Bay Area (California) between 1-8 August, take part in a usability study and you’ll be $100 richer for your troubles. Apply here. (I’ll be doing mine in Paris this Friday. Should be fun:-)

4 thoughts on “Short news: Lebanon KML redux; Bay Area usability study”

  1. I’ve just looked at Goolge Earth for Beirut and the satellite pictures are pre-war, airport looks fine. Should the pics be more updated? Is that a different Google Earth service (other than the free one). Anyone know???


  2. Jrum, the recent images are part of the KMZ file. Download it, open it in Google Earth, and then make suure you turn on the folder containin the images.

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