Short news: Google Aargh; Bentley update; Earth Climber

  • Pirates of the Caribbean II has a promotional website up that uses Google Earth to dispense wallpapers, trailers and what have you. Cute, but you’re not missing much if you skip it. (Via)
  • notes that Bentley’s integration with Google Earth and SketchUp continues apace. Models can be imported directly from Google 3D Warehouse, and in “the near future” you’ll be able to export from Microstation to the SketchUp SKP format.
  • Israel’s has a rare story of moderation on both sides in this current atmosphere of escalation. The article refers to this post on Google Earth Community from a few months ago documenting the displacement of Palestinians in the aftermath of Israel’s independence in 1948. (Comments on the article are a bit disheartening, however.)
  • Kudos to Frank at Google Earth Blog for noticing that the European countries previously supported in Maps now also have all their data available via Google Earth’s information layers. I never had those turned on, as this stuff was useful in the US only. That will now change.
  • The things I will do for this blog: For 100 euros, I will gladly go to Paris for the day from Cambridge to take part in a Google Earth usability study (and have enough money over for a jaunt around the Centre Pompidou). You too can apply. If we both make it in, how about a mini blog rendez-vous?
  • I don’t think I’ve linked to this before: Earth Climber, “Using Google Earth to locate climbing destinations worldwide.” (Via You gotta climb!)
  • Golftraxx provides yet another opportunity for golf aficionados to integrate their passion with Google Earth. Press release.