Short news: Drupal integration? Better KML in World Wind?

  • Education technologist Bob Kaehms is working on integrating the Drupal content management system with Google Earth, with the aim of creating a teaching aid:

    I’m looking for teachers to work with to create some geospatial based content. My ultimate goal is to make the work (eventually) available as a drupal module.

  • Intriguing news: NASA World Wind’s developers are making a major push to beef up support for KML, report both The Earth is Square and Bull’s Rambles. (This includes the rendering of 3D KML buildings, though it doesn’t look like SketchUp models are supported.)

    I think this is World Wind’s most important task right now — although World Wind add-on content modules are impressive, they are hard to make and hard to tweak, and this works against their wider adoption. KML, and especially the network link, is a stroke of genius in that it can very easily be manufactured on demand, in real time, by server-side applications.

  • This site looks a bit spammy at first (like, who clicks on content like that?) but seems to offer legit sizable cache packs for World Wind, free. (Scroll down.)
  • If you want to get a feel for how important Google Earth has been to brand Google, check out this Google trends graph:


3 thoughts on “Short news: Drupal integration? Better KML in World Wind?”

  1. Ahh, but you are missing the point and power of the plug-in system in World Wind. It is above and beyond what you can do with KML. You can add your own functionality into World Wind, something you can’t do in Google Earth.

  2. You’re right, but KML is more like HTML, whereas add-ons for World Wind are more like jacascript or Firefox extensions. The former are far more easy to make, and hence far more people dabble in it.

  3. Forget the gimmick of huge wind farms…we’ll end up in exactly the same place we are now: power being controlled by the few companies that own the biggest production.

    I’m for just sticking solar and wind generators on my own house and owning the power myself. :)

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