Routebuddy: GPS mapping for Macs (later today?)

Well, the teaser site sure looks ultra slick. Routebuddy — “GPS enabled mapping for the Mac finally comes of age”:


MacWorld is reporting that this Mac only application will be launched later today. Very little further information is available at this point:

Additional confirmed features include: support for adding notes and data to maps, the capacity to import Google Earth URLs into the application, direct support for emailing maps and directions.

Application prices and shipping schedules haven’t yet been announced.

The teaser site itself says “Import GoogleEarth GeoTagged URLS into RouteBuddy.” Not sure what those are. Perhaps they are referring to KML files? I do hope Routebuddy will also let you export to KML.

And MacWorld says “Routebuddy users can extend the solution by purchasing new maps from the company.” Considering what I can get for free these days, those better be good maps.