Panoramio update

Ooh, Google Earth-friendly Panoramio has new features, writes Eduardo Manchon:

  • Suggest new location: Since there are many people correcting wrong

    located photos we decided to create a new feature called “Suggest new

    location”. We will take a look at the suggested location and accept or

    refuse it. This feature is only working few days, but already many

    photos have been corrected.

  • Photos with geodata in EXIF are automatically located in Panoramio.

    You don’t need to do anything but upload the photo when it has the

    coordinates included in EXIF. There are many tools to edit EXIF data,

    but it is specially interesting since the last version of Picasa

    includes a geotagging feature that adds geodata to EXIF.

  • Map photos directly by coordinates: When you want to locate a photo,

    instead of writing the name of the place and browsing the map, you can

    type the coordinates in decimal or sexagesimal format. Now it’s just

    available in the “suggest new location” feature, soon we will add it

    to the upload page.

The suggest new location feature is a very nice addition; let’s just hope it scales well:-) I also like the implicit cooperation between EXIF-aware Picasa and Panoramio.