Google Earth 4.0 beta update

A small but solid update for Google Earth 4.0 beta is out for Mac (4.0.1658), PC (4.0.1657) and likely Linux too (build date: July 5). Download from the usual place. Google Earth blog has the scoop. As the Mac version does not contain the updated release notes, I’m posting the complete changelog below the fold.

Changes From Version 4.0.1565


– Language selection in client: Tools->Options then the “General” tab

– Restore missing Search/Places/Layers panes if the user chose to hide them version 3.0

– Scroll wheel now defaults to “zoom in” for “wheel up”. The setting can be

reversed in Tools->Options then the “Navigation” tab

– More reliable reading and writing of kmz files on systems with non-ascii


– Fixed imported terrain for SketchUp occasionally showing ‘divots’

– Client now remembers the checked status of all layers between restarts

– Improved memory management, client does not require as much memory

– Automatic setting of memory cache based on machine RAM, improves

performance and prevents flickering overlays

– Fixed warnings about Software Emulation and DirectX on Mac and PC systems

Developer Notes:

– Fixed tag operation

– Fixed deletion of local kmz file when linked to by network link

– Fixed style information being lost upon restart of client (for some styles

that were shared across a folder)

– Using on LineString coordinates now replaces all coordinates

rather than appends

– Fixed network link occasionally going into fast continuous refresh

4 thoughts on “Google Earth 4.0 beta update”

  1. – Automatic setting of memory cache based on machine RAM

    I am working on a G5 Quad 8.5 GB RAM and the cache maxes out at 288 MB up from 168 MB in the last release

  2. Anyone know where to download a copy of version 4.0 for Mac OS X, 10.3.9? (version 4.2 doesn’t support that Mac version). Next month a new Mac OS X is due out and the question will become moot.



  3. Have any body has google earth cache file?

    If u have plz send me or tell me link where from i can download cache files.

    Cache file “dbCache.dat” must have at least 60MB capacity.

    Send me link at my email

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