Bright covers Google Earth

For the Dutch speakers among you — Bright, a very hip paper magazine and website that perhaps best corresponds to a Dutch version of Wired, has a long feature article by David Lemereis on “The revolution of Google Earth”. There is also an additional how-to blog post with precise instructions and copious links.


This is easily the best big-picture article I’ve read to date about why Google Earth constitutes a sea change in how we can navigate information. And I don’t just think this because David interviewed me for the article :-) (in beleaguered Dutch — my tech vocab is resolutely in English). David “gets it”, but he also articulates why.

4 thoughts on “Bright covers Google Earth”

  1. Looks like a nice write-up Stefan. Babelfish had a hard time translating it in one piece, but after breaking up the text I got some nearly passable English out of it. It appears you were quoted at least 8 times. Nice writeup!

  2. Well done on getting name checked. I’m pleased to see they used an image of South Beach, Miami, to illustrate the front page of site for the article. The Delano hotel is on the center-right there.

  3. Yes! nice dutch article (wide hip audience, wide purpose).

    Still (of course) I find it a petty that Globe Glider (, Berhard Sterzbach) and the new M3D Glider (Mediality3D, enabled by Globe Glider technology) was not mentionned at all in the blogs nor the PRINT version.

    David had interviewed me some time ago but I understand the specific (professional) applications we are trying to get going did not fit his audience or format just yet.

    For more information:

    Coming up (release this summer):

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