Short news: Google Earth as GeoRSS reader; switching geocoders

  • Ooh, ah, a GeoRSS reader is coming soon to Google Earth. Andy Armstrong posted a picture to Flickr of his work for My guess is that it’s a web service not unlike Newsgator that serves GeoRSS feeds as a network link to Google Earth. This ought to be very useful. (Nothing to see yet at Or did he mean
  • Phillip Holmstrand considers switching from Yahoo!’s geocoder to Google’s newly announced one for Batch Geocode, on account of the high daily limit (50,000 requests) and the fact that Google’s geocoder does several European countries.
  • Ed Parsons again sums up neatly Where 2.0, day two.
  • On GIS for Archaeology and CRM, Matt posts a tutorial on georeferencing with Picasa and Google Earth for archaeologists, using a dig in Pennsylavnia as an example. He throws in a use for SketchUp, for good measure.
  • The Earth is Square has a preview of 3D buildings in NASA World Wind.
  • Off-topic, but too cool not to mention: Sometime Google Earth activist Kathryn Cramer has been retained by Wolfram Research to run the Wolfram Science Conference Blog for NKS2006, How does one go about getting a job like that?

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  1. No, I definitely meant There’s nothing on the live site yet – I’m mainly playing with it locally. Hoping to have a first (very alpha) release up in a couple of weeks :)

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