Short news: Emerce, Google spreadsheet, India

  • Google Earth CTO Michael Jones will be speaking at the Emerce eDay conference, in Rotterdam on September 14. (Emerce eDay is about trends in digital business and marketing.) Ben Hammersley will be there too, I see. We had him at Bloggforum last November, and he’s quite the entertainer.
  • Obvious as soon as you read it: James Fee suggests that realtors make SketchUp models of the houses they are trying to sell, to create buzz. In the comments, it’s clear Zillow is listening.
  • India’s president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam again indicates he wants control over satellite imagery of his country. He told the All India Police Science Congress they need to come up with “viable solutions to help the government in framing laws to check the display of such pictures.”
  • Seems like lawyers are finding good uses for Google Earth. Here is one user’s rave testimonial.
  • ShockFire has been accepted to the Summer of Code with a very interesting proposal: A student-teacher interaction plugin for NASA World Wind:

    […] a teacher can choose a mode which will dictate how clients behave. By default a ‘joint goto’ mode will be active, meaning all clients will go to wherever the host goes. The teacher can then decide to switch to a ‘free roam’ mode to have all clients move individually. An extension of this mode is the ‘find the spot’ mode where clients can move around freely but are supposed to move to a specific spot on the planet. This mode will use feedback to let the teacher know which students have completed the objective and which haven’t. Of course many more modes can be implemented, such as giving control to a student or having students complete objectives in teams.

  • ClueTrust‘s wonderfully straighforward Mac GPS downloader LoadMyTracks gets an update, with wider device compatibility.
  • There are updated scripts for importing KML into open source 3D authoring tool Blender.
  • Adena at All Points Blog makes a good point about how Google’s spreadsheet program might facilitate the making of mashups. In case you need this functionality now, however, you can convert spreadsheets to KML and Maps using GPS Visualizer.

One thought on “Short news: Emerce, Google spreadsheet, India”

  1. Seems that India’s president is suggesting that India can pass laws governing RS by other countries.

    I don’t see how that can be done from either a practical standpoint or from an international law one.

    I think that countries are just going to have to accept that imagery exists that covers their terrritory, and adjust their internal practices to allow for that.

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