News & Updates: KMLer 1.2, RoboGeo 4.1

  • Two product updates of note:
    • KMLer, an ArcGIS 9 extension for exporting and importing KML, is now up to version 1.2 and supports KML 2.1’s levels-of-detail and region functionality. There’s a 7-day free trial version.
    • Photo georeferencing PC application RoboGeo is up to version 4.1. This is no mere point release, however. The most exciting new feature is the ability to associate live dictation or sound with images, and then to export the recording with the images to Google Earth, ready for playback. There are many other new features to read through. There is a demo available.
  • GIS for Archaeology and CRM blogs and then links to a nice example of KML for archaeological outrach — the Sagalassos dig in Turkey.
  • James Fee continues his preview screenshots of ESRI ArcGIS Explorer, the geobrowser whose public beta is due by the end of June. Today, the startup page. I’m not sure I’m as excited as James by the ability to skin the ArcGIS Explorer, though. Skinning is a superficial pursuit, pun intended.

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  1. Well Stefan remember, I’m a consultant so I’m very happy with being able to brand AGX in a way that simplifies the use with our clients.

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