Geofeeder: Flickr photos in Google Earth (again)

Finally, a replacement for the now-defunct Geobloggers, and it’s called Geofeeder: An automatically refreshing network link in Google Earth for all the closest geotagged Flickr photos. Although it’s billed as an alpha, Geofeeder works great, and the people we have to thank are Planet 9 Studios, which provides 3D services to businesses.


(Those who have been around since the start of Ogle Earth will remember Dan Catt’s Geobloggers, a pioneer Google Maps mashup that mapped geotagged Flickr items and which served them to Google Earth. Geobloggers went away when Dan went to work at Yahoo!, and we’ve been waiting for a replacement.)

Planet 9 studios show their prowess by other means as well. This demo page links to a textured Transamerica tower in San Francisco, and the really adventurous types can try the 20MB-large textured neighborhood around the tower. (Mileage may vary, as Google Earth 4 is in beta, remember.)

2 thoughts on “Geofeeder: Flickr photos in Google Earth (again)”

  1. Hi

    Thanks for the supportive comments. We have reposted the neigborhood file. The new file is only 1.6mb rather than 20mb (wrong file posted). We will continue to post larger city datasets as time allows.

  2. Geofeeder is down. Is there any different solution that shows thumbnails of flickr pics in GE? THX

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