GEED is good

Johan Hendriks emails to tell of Orange Tea, a new Dutch website that aims to “become THE most important and up-to-date Google Earth portal.”

To show it means business, Orange Tea has produced a KMZ file with 3D models of all the World Cup football stadiums in Germany. (You have to turn off Google Earth’s Terrain feature to view them, though.)

More intriguing, perhaps, is a demo video of an upcoming product of theirs that visualizes Microsoft CRM data in 3D in Google Earth. (You need to give them your email first, though.)

If you speak Dutch, you can learn more about the company behind Orange Tea: Green Tea, which offers Internet strategizing services, SEO, Microsoft CRM develpment, and something it calls GEED, “Google Earth Experience Dynamics”. As their website has no permalinks for individual pages, I can’t link you there directly, though.