Standby for Google’s geo developer day

It looks like a lot of people going to Where 2.0 also want to attend Google’s geo developer day the day before, on June 12. The event has been filled to capacity for some time, but it turns out you can now put your name on a waiting list, and Google will let you know by June 1 if they’ve found a bigger place with more room. If you’re registered for Where 2.0, you’ve got nothing to lose by adding yourself to the list.

One thought on “Standby for Google’s geo developer day”

  1. Any word as to when/where to meet for the bus on Monday? All I got was an email saying… “Thank you for your registration for Your Where 2.0 Warmup at Google’s Geo Developer Day event.”

    It included the event’s date and the address of the Googleplex, but no mention of the bus.

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