SketchUp resources: [pushpullbar]2, Form Fonts 3D

SketchUp resources, cont.:

  • CADlab points to [pushpullbar]2, an “architecture + design forum”. It began life as a SketchUp bulletin board, but now offers much else besides. Worth looking into if you’re shopping around for a SketchUp community.
  • Form Fonts 3D is a commercial, subscription-based 3D content and script library for 3D authoring tools like SketchUp. It predates Google 3D Warehouse, and offers content made by pros. It’s $11 a month for download access, but the overall quality of the models is impressive. Form Fonts 3D is offering some freebies in a clever bit of stealth marketing on 3D Warehouse.

One thought on “SketchUp resources: [pushpullbar]2, Form Fonts 3D”

  1. Just a note about FormFonts:

    This is an incredible service, with really high quality sketchup models. What is not immediately obvious is that the terms of the agreement require you to remove the models from your computer when the subscription lapses– you are only renting,not buying,the models. That aside, this is the best collection of models for SketchUp on the net (the people are particularly useful components)

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