Shorts: Censorship list, SketchUp pro for Mac gets Google Earth plugin

  • Over on Google Earth Community, further discussion of censored areas on Google Earth, both in the Netherlands and in New York State. It seems that prisons are proving to be a popular item to blur. Google Earth must be a popular pastime for prisoners, but if an aerial shot is all it takes to break out of Sing Sing, I’m not impressed:-) This page, maintained by PriceCollins, lists all found instances of censorship in Google Earth’s data set — currently at 63 areas. A wonderful resource for informed debate.
  • Mac users of SketchUp pro need wait no longer: The plugin for Google Earth is now up. “This release brings the ability to post to & download from the new 3d Warehouse to OS X SketchUp Pro 5 users.” (Announcement). In anticipation of SketchUp for Mac Free, dowload the 8-hour time-limited pro version if you haven’t already.
  • is a new blog by a Milan-based design agency, and so far it has had some great short tutorials. Here’s how to make 3D text, and here’s how to make a floor texture for SketchUp with Photoshop.
  • Since Mike Pegg mentions it over on Google Maps Mania, I guess it’s official:-) On Google’s Geo Developer day on June 12 (registration now closed), both Mike and Frank Taylor of Google Earth Blog will be showcasing some of the most interesting mashups and network links of the past year.