Short news: San Mateo City embraces KML

  • Yay for the City of San Mateo (California), which hired a company called Farallon Geographics to develop a system that publishes all its GIS data, including aerial imagery, as network links to Google Earth, for public consumption. More layers are forthcoming, promises the press release.
  • Let’s Push Things Forward has some initial comments on WWML’s chances — WWML being NASA World Wind’s mooted future geospatial markup language of choice.
  • Navigadget reports that Speed Sentry, “a GPS-enabled speed monitor/car computer” for Pocket PC, now exports to KML.
  • Until this morning I had never heard of Groboto, a Mac-only 3D authoring tool intended to foster learning. It exports in file formats that SketchUp can read, and hence you can now place some pretty strange structures in Google Earth, as this blogger has done.
  • WorldCAD Access does actual reporting (good blog!) and asks the makers of VectorWorks what exactly they meant with “We plan to continue our compatibility work with SketchUp.” The response.
  • GIS for Archaeology and CRM gets a makeover and moves to
  • GeoRSS gets its very own press release.