Google/Dell deal: What about Google Earth?

Google and Dell have struck a deal to preinstall Google Desktop, Google Toolbar and a co-branded browser home page on new Dell computers aimed at personal and small busines use, as reported by the BBC and Reuters.

Quote from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, via Reuters:

“There’s probably more to come” in the Google-Dell partnership, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt told investors at a Goldman Sachs & Co. Internet conference. “This is the first” of several agreements.

Could Google Earth pre-installs be next? The entire Google Pack? Or would that be just too big of a bandwidth hit, even for Google? Or perhaps pay-per-install marketing is prohibitively expensive?

(Tangentially related: Dell’s Enterprise Command Centre in Malaysia uses Google Earth in an interesting way.)

(Pssst Google: Apple does preinstalls too. My MacBook Pro came with Comic Life and OmniOutliner, free.)

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