Tidbits: Greenpeace, GeoRSS Blog, GPS converters

  • A Greenpeace anti-nuclear campaign aimed at a US audience uses a Google Earth file: An American Chernobyl? Meanwhile, here is the real thing.
  • New blog on the block: GeoRSS Blog, monitoring the development of this emerging standard. (Convert GeoRSS to KML here. On the to-do list: A converter that returns a network link rather than a static file.)
  • Two new GPS-to-KML converters on the Ogle Earth radar screen:
    • GEtrax (for Windows), which in addition to the plain vanilla converting also handles OziExplorer files, ham radio tracking data (via findu.com) and plot data live from a GPS device onto Google Earth. The author of the software writes, “The registered version of GEtrax is ten dollars (in US or Canadian funds).” Looks like Canadians are getting a discount, ay?
    • Greg Heppenstall’s Bungee is similar, but will let you upload KML placemarks as waypoints to your GPS device. USD $5.

3 thoughts on “Tidbits: Greenpeace, GeoRSS Blog, GPS converters”

  1. Hot off the press! a (geo)RSS to Google Earth Converter:


    It’s designed to convert a normal RSS feed into GeoRSS, by using the geonames database to find placenames, but will leave any geoRSS encoding in tact. But as a bonus Marc from geonames has just added a KML output option it can convert any RSS or geoRSS for viewing in Google Earth. It should even work as a network link, just needs a little form to create the wrapper KML!

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