Sweden: State of the KML

Sweden is now well served in terms of Google Earth network links. The latest addition is a dynamic network link for Bloggkartan.se showing the locations of georeferenced Swedish blogs that ping the country’s main blog aggregator service.This makes it much easier to keep tabs on Swedish blogs spatially — and it helps that author Johan Larsson is a perfectionist.


Bloggkartan.se’s network link is joined by Ticnet’s network link, which shows all of Sweden’s venues and what’s playing there and when, a subway map overlay of Stockholm and a placemark collection of all Swedish universities. Anyone know of more?

[Update 2006-04-21: I’ve been apprised of some more sites. Here are Swedish numismatics sites in Google Earth.]

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  1. Yes, check out Kartburken (“The Mapjar”) at for some historical data in KMZ-format. One network link contains information on medieval Swedish churches with URLs to the relevant entry in the National Heritage Board’s buildings database. Swedish only I’m afraid. /David

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