Spring cleaning for Ogle Earth

Extra days off are a good opportunity to plow through that Ogle Earth to-do list. Here is what I have ticked off:

  • I’ve just gone through the past few months’ worth of posts and updated the the resource list in the right-hand column with the new items I blogged during that time. The list of Google Earth websites, blogs, applications and content is growing at breakneck speed. Newest additions are highlighted yellow. If you’re reading this from a feed, come in and take a look.
  • I’ve long appreciated Connotea‘s social bookmarking tool as a fount of GIS content to explore. Unlike more mainstream social bookmarking tools, the items tagged there are of a uniformly high quality, in part because they are constantly updated by people like Declan Butler and Pierre Lindenbaum, who use it as a professional research tool. Declan recently wrote about how he uses Connotea for his articles on virtual globes. Anybody can register and add links.

    I’ve now (provisionally) added the most recent Connotea bookmarks tagged with “GIS” as a feed in the right-hand column. If it doesn’t result in spam, I’ll probably keep it.

I also appreciate your feedback. Website logs tell me where visitors come from but not who they are — casual surfers, GIS pros, technology geeks, early adopters… Who are Ogle Earth’s regular readers?

And I’m wondering what kinds of articles there are too much of or too little of on Ogle Earth, whether you use the resource list in the right-hand column, what’s missing from this blog and what’s too much. Feel free to leave a comment or else email me directly.