Shorts: 3D virtual art to get recognition

  • 3D art with SketchUp. (Original picture.)


  • Perhaps the previous bullet point comes just in time for Sonar, “a festival of advanced music and multimedia art” to be held in Barcelona in June. One of this year’s themes, according to We-make-money-not-art blog, is “Google Earth and Google Maps Hacks”. Some other works of art made for Google Earth blogged on Ogle Earth recently: Surreal Scania and the Angel of the North, the Cheney shooting, and my own dadaist masterpiece, A food processor threatens Boulder. (Many overlays and network links are veritable works of art too.) I expect 3D virtual art will become a new popular genre for expression, now that the means for viewing it have gone mainstream. Kudos to Sonar for seeing this so early.
  • Yet another German Google Earth site: GoogleGeoData, which comes with a German-language Google Earth news feed. Germany has really taken to geobrowsing — Germans were first out the gate back in July last year to integrate Google Earth with Wikipedia and paragliding sites.
  • Genealogy blog Students of Descent writes about work in progress on a script that will convert GEDCOM files to KML. (GEDCOM = GEnealogical Data COMmunication files, a de facto standard for tracking family lineages.)