Short news: Coral bleaching, grassroots Earth

  • is home to a German Google Earth Community forum.
  • Coral bleaching: The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Satellite and Information Service has produced some very professional network links that show, among other things, global ocean water temperatures in near-real time.The datasets help illuminate the phenomenon of coral bleaching, where corals die off due to overly high water temperatures. Divester blog has a great and knowledgable writeup, so no need to duplicate the effort here.
  • Google Earth as a grass-roots collaborative foreign policy tool? Kathryn Cramer proposes some concrete steps that could be taken amid the current talk of escalating the conflict between the US and Iran. The basic idea: Make high-resolution of Iran available to all on Google Earth, so that neither government’s claims are opaque to the scrutiny of concerned individuals. It’s an great idea — imagine if Google Earth had been available with high resolution imagery of Iraq as recently as 2002…

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