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Date: April 7, 2006 7:16:12 PM GMT+02:00

To: <>

Subject: About the name

Stephan hello:

I think what you are doing with the Earth web has great potential but I am saddened that you have chosen to use our family name as part of your system.

Our family was known in England in 1055, before dictionaries chose to slander us by including our name as a derogative word.

You probably have to much tied up in your process to stop using our family name but if ever you have the opportunity to make a change please do so.

Edward G Ogle Sr.

Orange Park, FL

Dear Eduard,

Thank you for your feedback. Ogle Earth is in fact named in honour of your ancestors, and the contributions they have made to society throughout history. Not just Benjamin and Samuel Ogle, the renowned 18th century governors of Maryland, or the many Barons Ogle in the 15th-17th centuries, but especially Kenneth Ogle, the scientist of human vision who contributed much to our understanding of binocular vision in the 1950s and 60s. This blog is dedicated to the hope that one day soon everyone will be able to see virtual Earths in 3D. So you see, Eduard, thanks to the good works of your family, it’s an “Ogle Earth” after all.


Stefan Geens

Stockholm, Sweden.

3 thoughts on “Reader feedback”

  1. And there was me thinking it was just a clever shortening of the Google name. I certainly don’t think any less of the Orange Park Ogles after seeing the website, I don’t see how it could affect anyone negatively.

  2. That’s pretty amazing that someone would actually ask you to stop using their family name because it is the same as a word that happens to be part of your blog title. Talk about a fruitless crusade… That would be like me asking Nestle to stop using the word “Morsel” for their chocolate chips because it is similar to my name….

  3. I would never have believed this was for real if you had posted it on April 1rst! :)

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