Newsflow: LookFrom, M3D Glider?

  • The British Army is planning to climb Mount Everest, and has a flashy marketing website to show for it. Naturally, such sites need “Google Earth Integration”. By now, however, that should mean more than a clutch of placemarks and stock photography. How about some high-resolution overlays, topo maps, altitude coded markers, routes, historical routes, weather, etc…? (Via Adverblog)
  • NASA World Wind’s forum likes the idea of perhaps asking Bergen if they too can use the data in their browser. Bergen’s answer should be Yes.
  • By the ever-prolific Barry Hunter at, LookFrom, a web app for generating the correct KML for your intended view in Google Earth.
  • A blog surfaces, talking up a promised new web application for Google Earth, “M3D Glider”, from a Dutch company called Mediality3D.

    What is M3D Glider? In their own words, the application “makes it possible to integrate many Web 2.0 capabilities into the FREE Google Earth viewer – on real location!” It sounds a bit like Globe Glider, but made with AJAX, and it would be crossplatform, working on Macs as well. No demos or betas, but there is a screenshot at which we can squint. We’ll have to wait this out.

  • News from the Bay Area: Insurance Firms Use Google Earth To Deny Coverage (add desired number of exclamation marks here).
  • Excellent Flickr-to-Google Earth aide Flyr morphs into Flyr Pool with the help of Greasemonkey/Firefox.
  • Jean-Michel Billaut’s video podcast demo of France’s own upcoming geobrowser, GéoPortail, has turned both podcaster and podcastee Patrick Leboeuf into French internet celebrities (in French). Billaut writes that the story is getting some play among those who see GéoPortail as a symbol of valiant France fighting back against America’s evil GIS-industrial complex (OK, so I exaggerate a little:-), but he himself thinks such defensiveness is rather gauche. (More at Rodrigo A. Sepúlveda Schulz).