Google SketchUp, Warehouse & Earth: Reference links

Some links, for my reference as well as yours:

Google SketchUp:

SketchUp Free download (PC only, Mac “soon”)

SketchUp FAQ (difference between Free and Pro)

SketchUp Pro Google Earth plugin (April 26)

SketchUp User Forum: (Reactions to SU Free here and here)

SketchUp Google Group (aimed at SketchUp Free users)

Google 3D Warehouse:

3D Warehouse

Google 3D Warehouse network link


SketchUp Help Center (getting started)

SketchUp User’s Guide (thorough)

How do I place a SketchUp model in Google Earth?

How can I share models via the 3D Warehouse?

Video Tutorials (SketchUp, 3D Warehouse, Google Earth)

SketchUp Quick Reference Card

Google Earth:

The 3D Warehouse network link pinpoints the locations of the geolocated warehouse items in your view. Click on the icon, and the popup window will let you download the 3D KML model directly within Google Earth (innovation!).

Mac users can of course view 3D KML models now, even if SketchUp Free isn’t quite ready yet for the Mac. However, I could only get direct downloading to work on my Mac using the newest point release of Google Earth Mac from a few days ago. So if you don’t already have version 3.1.0621.0 (beta), go get it.

3 thoughts on “Google SketchUp, Warehouse & Earth: Reference links”

  1. YES!!! SketchUp for Free! It’s like (insert your favorite gift giving holiday) in April. Thanks for all the great resource links Stefan.

  2. I was just messing with Google Sketchup and found a tool that I do not remember from the @last version of SketchUp 5. Clicking Windows >> Preferences brings up the systems preferences box. Click on Extensions and you have the choice to activate two tools, 1. Ruby Script Examples and 2. Query. When activated, these tools live in your Tools >> Utilities menu. The query tool allows you to find the coordinates and length of any point on any line in the drawing. This is a very good tool for correctly placing objects in real world coordinate space. I’m am sure this tool will develop in future version of the program.

  3. Okay, so I was quick in my judgement. Going back, it looks like the option mentioned above was there all along. Sorry :)

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