3D Warehouse mini wishlist

washmon.jpg3D Warehouse seems to be down this morning (the site returns a server error, and the network link links to models that won’t download) [Update: Back up as of UTC 11:06] so while the kinks are being ironed out, here is an early wishlist for this amazing resource.

  • RSS feeds for new objects. So I can get a list of what’s new in my browser. (Perhaps even using GeoRSS encoding? This would be a perfect use for it.)
  • RSS feeds for search terms. So that I can see all the new items containing “Sweden” in the description, for example, or “library” — similar to how you can get saved searches in Google News as a feed.
  • Have a way for 3D Warehouse objects downloaded via the network link in Google Earth to override the base buildings layer. At the moment, contributed objects “compete” with the base layer, as the screenshot of the Washington Monument shows. It would be nice to have the base buildings layer act as a placeholder until something better is downloaded. This is probably quite a technical challenge, and would require version upgrade of Earth. (Possible 3D content management system for Google Earth blogged previously here: Future Earth.)

collection.jpgA nice touch in the 3D Warehouse network link: If there are too many objects close together, the feed returns an object collection, with its own icon, and it disaggregates when you zoom in.

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