Sunday tidbits

  • discovers a giant iPod visible from space. Naturally, it is to be found in Australia.
  • Here come the SketchUp models. Okay, so it’s on an architecture student’s project blog, rather than by complete amateurs like me or you, but I think it’s a great semi-detached house. It’s a pity that the KML version is not online, and the author, Michael Drewe, is difficult to get hold of.
  • semi1.3.jpg

  • KisMAC is a wifi stumbler for the Mac (useful for wardriving). The latest version now exports to Google Earth.
  • ZNO blog has two models of the Tower of Pisa — leaning for the realists and vertical for the idealists.
  • Lee Rickler’s digilondon is a sightseeing site just for London.
  • Last but certainly not least, Brian Flood has a great walk-through of how exactly Arc2Earth can get data from ESRI’s ArcGIS into Google Earth. It looks both intuitive and powerful, which is a hard combination to pull off.

One thought on “Sunday tidbits”

  1. Hi there,

    Just saw my sketchup model of my house on your site.

    Thanks for the complement.

    This was just a preliminary design, that has since been remodelled. It was for a project to design a semi in a nearby neighbourhood in Johannesburg.

    To show my complete ignorance, what is KML?

    If you would like to get hold of me or have any questions please email me:

    Thanks again.


    PS This was quite a surprise to find my quick sketchup designs on your site! Maybe you can let me know your reasons for putting it there?

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