Spring Cleaning: Google Earth data overhaul; Yahoo! maps to follow?

Google Earth gets a data overhaul:

We now have almost all of Germany covered in high-resolution, plus some really high resolution insets in cities like Berlin, Dortmund, and Frankfurt. Also we are now using TruEarth for our 15 meter basemap of the world.

We have also fixed alignment error for few areas like Boise, ID and Memphis, TN.

Hope you enjoy the new data.

Why thank you, I think I will. Google Earth blog notes higher resolutions for many smaller islands. Geography 2.0 likes the new basemap more.

Geocoding blog notes various signs that Yahoo! may be on the verge of launching international map coverage. I’d say that’d be an excellent idea — a mapping project I’m doing here in Sweden currently only has Google Maps and Microsoft Live Local as contenders — in fact, unless the feature sets change drastically, we’ll have to go with Microsoft, as they are the only ones with any kind of map for continental Europe through an API.